Strategic Consulting Services

Guiding Your Path to Transformation

IntelliBridge provides strategic consulting services that enable you to adapt and scale your IT and business processes to meet evolving mission requirements.

Using mature delivery methodologies centered on User Experience (UX), we assess your business needs and work with you to develop a strategy, execution framework, and plan for ongoing management. We provide full blueprints for changes, exceptional oversight for successful program/project execution, and effective governance to guide implementation across the enterprise. 

Roadmaps to Results

Our plans for modernization, transformation, and consolidation address both business and technology requirements. We collaborate on strategy and conduct discovery efforts to ensure proposed solutions align with your vision. And we develop measures, targets, and metrics to define success and validate that delivered solutions are valuable, usable, and feasible. With this data in hand, we then partner with you to execute to the plan.  

Throughout this process, we use an agile framework to iteratively incorporate user and stakeholder feedback for continuous improvement. We emphasize efficiency, to include incorporating automation and standardization and eliminating high-cost, high-risk, proprietary, and redundant legacy implementations in favor of flexible, adaptable, and scalable solutions. We also integrate delivery of technical solutions with process improvements, to include using Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to examine and change processes to drive business value. As we conduct deployments, we provide guidance for changes and coaching and training to ensure successful adoption. Our outcome-based approach increases Return on Investment (ROI), optimizes technology, and enhances UX.  

Key Services

Management Consulting

  • Strategic planning & execution 
  • Performance management 
  • Agile coaching 
  • Organizational change management 
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) 
  • Marketing & communications 

IT Management

  • Business Case Analysis (BCA) 
  • IT investment management 
  • Enterprise architecture 
  • Data governance 
  • System engineering 

How Can We Help?

In a world that changes fast, we move faster, with the structure and foresight
to meet ever-evolving challenges with dynamic results at speed.