An API-first Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that enables tailored insights and analyses, empowering customers to make informed decisions. 

Ensuring Supply Chain Integrity: Risk Intelligence
& Data Analytics

As a pioneer in providing supply chain risk intelligence and data analytics to the global logistics sector of the federal government, our big data solutions help organizations mitigate the impact of fraud and other supply chain risks. We help our customers reduce their business risks, identify and prevent fraud, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Training Machine Learning with Clean Data

Machine Learning (ML) has the potential to improve our lives. But first it has to be trained on real data. We help your ML journey by modeling from more accurate data and using processes that outsmart dirty data. 

Delivering at the Speed
of Business 

Contact IntelliBridge today and find out how our platform will help your team develop a robust compliance and risk solution. Our supply chain integrity and data security APIs are built on TorqData — the gold standard in entity-resolved supply chain and investigative intelligence data. 

Disjointed data is a thing of the past

When people and entities make investments and awards today, this data is geolocated to where the activity originates or is performed. This situation highlights the risks exposed to critical technologies and intellectual property in our connected world. TorqData mitigates these risks.

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Monthly Bulk Exports / API Access
Entities and Transactions Data Domains
Limited Users and Data Rights
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Monthly Bulk Exports / API Access Custom Feeds
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